Thursday, August 30, 2012

Naomi On Shin Min

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Order Through Email

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Dear Customers,
Due to the high order during the MoonCake festival month of our design rolls, if you would like to order any customized design rolls, try to sent us an email as early as possible as our capacity is running low. Do drop us an email at about your order. And ignore the error message about the mailbox full. Due to the high volume, we concentrate our resources to only take order through emails. We apologize if accidentally miss out your message through other channel such as facebook or sms.

Monday, August 6, 2012

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The kids and parents are having great fun with the cake.

New Generation Toy Cake

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Naomi latest creation, the next generation "Toy Cake", Integrating "present" and "birthday cake". After finishing the cake, the toy is the present for the birthday baby. The train set with moving train travelling on the cake. Crossing a river travelling between the bunny garden and forest. Some bunny are busy working in the garden planting carrots, cabbages .... while others across the river relaxing themselve in the forest, having birthday celebration and picnic on the sunny days. Bunny also fishing beside the river. All creation are edible, except the train set which will be the present of little "bunny Warren" - the birthday boy.

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